Comedy magic without words
About the Show

Scheppe and Boko are ready, the big magic show is about to start! There is only one problem: The radio is living its independent existence and throws them from one unexpected situation to an other!

With peculiar ideas, lots of improvisation and the active help of the spectators they make every (un)imaginable effort to keep the show going. How will this end?!

Classic clowning paired with technical finesse and improvisation comic. A show full of excitement and laughter for all ages.

Play: Stefan Schäfer, Bálint Kostyál

œil extérieur: Manuel Schunter

Trailer THE SHOW
Technical needs

We are happy to receive your booking requests. Our Show fits almost every type of events!

In- and outdoor possible

Stage size: minimum 3x3 meters

Duration: about 60 min.

Amplification available

From the age of 5

Without words